Ferrari Ring Stand 2023 Collection MagSafe Case for iPhone 15 Plus / 14 Plus – Black


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Ferrari Ring Stand 2023 Collection MagSafe

The minimalist collection of protective cases provides an elite look and perfect conditions for protecting your precious iPhone. This design delights with its practical character and functionality, and its unique appearance emphasizes the unique taste of the owner of this cover.

Durable materials and excellent workmanship

Only the highest quality materials were used to produce this collection. Each case was made using strong and hard polycarbonate (back), which strengthens the back of the phone against breaking. Flexible thermoplastic polyurethane is used on the sides of the device, which ensures easy assembly and disassembly and also protects the sides of the device against damage. The phone equipped with this cover fits securely in your hand and is almost perfectly fitted to the device, which increases its safety and resistance to shocks, and also cushions it against impacts. The covers have slightly raised edges, thanks to which the screen and camera lens are protected against scratches or breakage. The case fits perfectly and has all button covers and port cutouts.

Convenient phone charging

The collection has been enriched with a MagSafe magnetic ring that is compatible with the MagSafe wireless charger, ensuring quick and easy charging. From now on, forget about removing the case to charge your phone – the collection allows you to conveniently charge your phone's battery without worrying about accidental damage to the camera.

Case with stand

This unique case has been enriched with a very practical ring that is not only used to charge the device, but also serves as a stand on which you can rest the phone. Thanks to this ring, you can conveniently make video calls and use the iPhone's multimedia functions without using your hands.

Elite look

The Ring Stand 2023 Collection MagSafe case is distinguished by a subtle logo of a yellow shield with a kicking black horse, which gives it an elite look and at the same time mentions the sports heritage of this brand. The logo is also a confirmation of the authenticity and highest quality of the product. Additional logos in the MagSafe ring emphasize the luxurious character of this case.
Thanks to the cases from this collection, the iPhone will become even more unique and will gain a high-end, high-end look.

Product manufactured under license from the Ferrari brand.

Technical data

Collection Ring Stand 2023 Collection MagSafe
Type Hardcase
Material TPU/PC
Color Black
Compatibility iPhone 15 Plus / 14 Plus 6.7"

Ferrari Ring Stand 2023 Collection MagSafe Case for iPhone 15 Plus / 14 Plus – Black

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